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Who is the customer?

We supply publishing houses, designers and a wide range of information services with images for publication in hard-copy documents and soft-copy, electronic media. Our customers may require the printing rights of an image for a one-time use or for a period of time. Sometimes buyers want to buy the exclusive rights or the original image, painting or drawing itself. Most commonly, buyers desire your digitalized image for a specific publication.

Professional picture editors and other customers do not have time to "get lost" between thousands of homepages while looking for specific images they desire. That is why they use an image bank such as where they can easily and quickly find and view images on their theme of interest., a marketplace for visual communication arranges images according to subject and category.

Who are you?

Maybe you are an artist, a collector, an illustrator, a photographer or maybe you possess family albums with interesting old photograps.

Our archives will always need new and different kinds of images. Your images can be used in this communication flow and "work for you" each time someone buys your image to illustrate something. You still keep all the rights to your image and original.

Remember to use professional photographers when you make photographic or digital reproductions of any original or piece of art.

It is all about trust.

Fotofil is today cooperating with more than 100 different artists, illustrators and photographers. We establish an individualized contact between and the professional party which defines, formalizes, and regulates our mutual cooperation.

Some usual and customary terms which govern many of our contracts include, but are not limited to, the following examples. You can, for example, still sell your work to your own customers and represent yourself on private homepages. We do not sell images for a purpose that is not acceptable to you. You are the one to decide the price of your original work or the exclusive rights to it when it becomes an issue.

Upstanding ethics, respect and strong integrity are most important to us.

Who do you trust? was established in 2002 by photographer and picture editor Eli Berge. After many years as a freelance photographer, I worked in one of Norway´s oldest and largest publishing houses, Cappelen Damm, as a picture editor. I became a customer of all sorts of images, not only a producer. This practical knowledge and my extensive network of both customers and image producers is the basis of Fotofil's business.

An interactive picture agency? is interactive and grows steadily. You can upload your digital images whenever you have the time from your own computer. An automated process executes the upload quickly and easily. However, you must be familiar with Adobe Photoshop. We will provide more detailed information if you are interested in joining us. Our user guide is specific and easy to follow.

To maintain high visual and technical quality, must make editorial choices. We reserve the right to remove images not relevant to our purposes. You must therefore be prepared that not everything you upload will necessarily be accepted and displayed in our archives once you join us. Our editorial decisions are final. When requested, however, we will address the concerns of a specific contributor directly as necessary via email. As always, we do so in a respectful way.

As a routine practice, we ask newly joining members to electronically send a maximum of 10 different (small) images so that we can decide if your images are relevant to our agency. Please send these images to:

Economic deal.

We share the reproduction price agrees wtih the customer 50-50%. Our prices will be discussed with the customer when we know the image use. Exclusive rights will always be set by you, but Fotofil is there to guide you.

If we sell an original work of any kind, we charge 30% of the price set by you. When it comes to photographic originals, we are working on a price system that can make it easier to the customer to buy photographs.

Artists fees.

In addition to the reproduction fee, all organized or chartered artists will receive an artist fee which is regulated by the copyright societies for visual artists in each country. In Norway, this organization is called BONO, or the Norwegian Artists Copyright Society. Administration of this fee is done by the artist her/himself or their copyright organization. The buyer of the images are responsible to pay the fee. will always inform the buyer about this additional fee when the purchase involves fine art. Fotofil has no economic rights to the artist’s fee.

The act on copyrights.

More info about copyrights and your copyright society. Many different countries organizations are listed here.




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